Jason Fay, LMT

Functional Sports Therapy is my approach to helping clients move better, feel better and train better.

Using deep tissue massage, active release techniques, body tempering and stretching geared towards recovery and sport-specific needs, I help my clients move, feel and perform their best. I am no stranger to injuries, having recovered from a broken wrist, ruptured bicep tendon, torn labrum, ruptured quad, low back and sacroiliac joint issues. Instead of throwing in the towel, I became determined not to let any of them sideline me. I gained knowledge and stayed active in the gym, training in powerlifting and strongman. Training smarter, adding massage and other techniques to my lifestyle were needed as a maintenance plan. Just like we need to do maintenance on our cars, we need to do maintenance on our bodies. Functional Sports Therapy encompasses this need.I bring experience as a recovering athlete to help others recuperate, improve and keep doing the sports and training they love, providing specialized therapy to each client based on their body’s needs. Regular therapy sessions increase mobility, lessen pain, improve training ability and speed up recovery. If you want to improve how you move, feel and train, you need Functional Sports Therapy.

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BodyTempering Certified
8 hours of classroom and break out lab sessions
Systematic approach covering each body area individually
Focus on how to effectively and safely apply Body TemperingⓇ
CEU approval pending.

FMT Rockpods Myfascial Cupping Practitioner Certificate
FMT Rockfloss Compression Band Flossing Practitioner Certificate
FMT Blades
FMT Blades Advanced

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